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Parenting Innov'Actions project

Parenting Innov'Actions Project : 2016-1-FR01-KA204-024196
This project , which lasts 2 years (2016-2018) is co-financed by the European Union trough the Erasmus+ program, strategic partnership, adult education.
Parenting: Innov'Actions project aims to evaluate practices in the field of support of parenting, identify good practices in each country and implement innovative method for new's parenting's actions. 
The project aims at reinforcing competence "sence of initiative and entrepreneurship" for developers of projects of parenting support. It will make it possible to the professionnals to pass from the idea to the act : capacity to create, innovate, take chances. 
Today the stakeholders of these actions (associations, local communities, publics institutions) will need to be trained, to confront other practices for innovation.
This practices exchanges project between 4 European partners aims at:
1. Evaluate existing practices in parenting support 
  • Elaboration of an evaluation tool co-built 
  • Capitalization of experiences and knowledge 
  • Identifying good practices (strengths and weaknesses)

2. Develop the skills of project trainers/developers 

  • Project of accompanying training to the innovative approach 
  • Development of innovative local initiatives in the field of parenting in associated families needs
  • Dissemination of common tools 

3. Federate partners around parenting 

  • Pooling and capitalize contexts and practices of each partner
  • Construction and testing of common tools

Parenting Innov'Actions gather different professional profiles in order to achieve the goals of the project: 

  • Familles Rurales Fédération Régionale des Pays de la Loire - FRANCE 
  • Skudutiskio Akademija - LITHUANIA
  • Casa Do Povo Messines - PORTUGAL
  • Social Innovation Center - LATVIA
Dans le cadre du projet européen n°2016-1-FR01-KA204-024196 relatif aux actions de parentalité, quatre bénévoles et professionnelles de Familles Rurales ont eu l'opportunité de participer à une semaine de formation au Portugal. Cette semaine s'est déroulé du 23 au 27 octobre 2017 en présence des partenaires étrangers du projet: Social Innovation Center (Lettonie), Studutiskio Akademija (Lituanie) et Casa Do Povo qui accueillait la délégation étrangère dans ses locaux à Messines, au Portugal.
L'objet de cette semaine de formation était d'échanger sur les pratiques de parentalité conduites et identifiées dans chaque pays et de ce former à l'innovation sociale. Les visites et discussions ont contribués à mieux comprendre les réalités vécues dans chaque pays concernant l'accompagnement des parents dans leur rôle éducatif. L'ensemble des participant(e)s s'est enrichi de cet échange interculturel dans l'optique de mettre en place de nouvelles actions sociales innovantes sur leurs territoires.



Four volunteers and professionals from Familles Rurales movement in Pays de la Loire region had the opportunity to take part in a short-term staff training week, hosted by the Portuguese partner Casa do Povo de São Bartolomeu de Messines, in the Algarve region (South-West of Portugal). The training week took place from the 23rd to the 27th of October 2017 gathering all the country partners of the project, also including Skudutiškio Akademija from Lithuania and Social Innovation Center from Latvia.


The objective of this week was to exchange about parenthood practices performed in each country and recognized as efficient and successful actions, and to train the participants to the principles of social innovation.


The visits and discussions significantly contributed to give the participants a better understanding of the realities being faced by the parents from foreign countries regarding their educative role to play within the family and the support they need.


Throughout this intercultural exchange, the participants' knowledge have been enriched and strengthened. The regional federation of Familles Rurales Pays de la Loire hopes that this training week will contribute to develop new innovative actions dedicated to parents in need in the years to come.