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Familles Rurales Movement

Welcome to the Familles Rurales Pays de la Loire Regional Federation website!
This english version aims at presenting our organisation to foreign partners and to anyone interested in family action and rural development.

Discover us and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
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A family movement

The movement has to foresee society’s evolutions in seeing to families’ interests in daily life (transport, housing, children, school, health…)

Familles Rurales does not belong to a political, confessional or opinion trend. It is an independent movement.

The respect of the person with his convictions, his history and his life is one of the main Familles Rurales’ values.

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Promotion of human values

Familles Rurales is based on human values:
- being actor of his own life
- respecting differences
- showing solidarity and creating relationships
- welcoming and supporting more fragile people

Family plays a fundamental role in society for personal blossoming, children’s education, solidarity between generations, protection of weak people, and citizenship learning.

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Support to the community life

- Association: a democratic place

 Association brings general interest sense out.
Each man and woman is freely involved in it.
The gathered families are a force and think about their future, suggest and carry some actions out by themselves. The association is a real actor of the local life.

- an initiative place for young people

 Voluntary involvement of young people in local life needs to be developed and the association is a way for it by meetings and exchanges between generations.
Within Familles Rurales Movement, young people are able to take responsibilities and to express their own society vision.

- a place where you can learn how to be responsible

The association is a real responsibilities place.
The life of the association is based on responsibilities share between men and women, on confidence, and on a transparent management.
The democratic organization, statuts respect, financial and power independence make the association identity. This is Familles Rurales conception.
Each family is invited to express her opinion, and to take part in the association before becoming responsible.
There is a family membership and according to the statuts, a single person can join it from 16 years old. Membership is not only a financial participation but a real right to expression.

- rural development

• reinforcing social relationships
• encouraging complementarities between urban and rural areas
• supporting a sustainable development
• contributing to the economic dynamism and to the territorial planning

For Familles Rurales, economic development is important for rural area. A rural area without employment is a dying area. Housing, public services, territorial planning policies directy influence the future of rural areas.

Rural area attraction also depends on the quality of the services which are offered, on the shopping existence and on agriculture activities,... Schools, training centres and cultural means have to be well balanced on the territory.

Finally, new information and communication technologies can also lead to the rural areas development.

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Main actions

- Proximity services for families

    • After-school centres (infancy)
    • Activities for young people
    • Cultural and leisure activities
    • Personalized services

- Support to the community life

Departmental Federations bring a necessary technical and management support to local associations (human resources management, projects’ implementation…).

- Training

“Familles Rurales” develops and runs training actions for:
- volunteers
- federations’ employees
- associations’ employees
- vocational training

- European cooperation

Pays de la Loire Regional Federation intends to expand its European partnerships in order to develop European exchanges.
Familles Rurales wants to make easier the involvement of families and young people in the European construction.

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